Specialty Crops Integrated Operating Network (SCION)

The Specialty Crops Integrated Operating Network (SCION) is a new automated business platform that modernizes the way USDA provides specialty crops inspection and audit services. 

Using SCION, applicants will go online to set up their accounts, submit service requests, and obtain their inspection and audit results and billing statements. The USDA Specialty Crops Inspection Division (SCI) and our cooperative Federal-State inspectors and auditors will use SCION to schedule our work, carry out inspections and audits, and issue certificates, reports, and billing statements to our applicants. 

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Get Your USDA eAuthentication

Applicants, Federal/State cooperators, and USDA employees must have USDA Level 2 USDA eAuthentication to use SCION.  eAuthentication is the system used by USDA to allow individual customers and employees to obtain accounts that allow them to access USDA web applications like SCION via the Internet.  A single eAuth account saves time and reduces the number of passwords you’ll need to access SCION as well as other USDA-only resources and programs.

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For SCION support or for inspection or audit service, please contact your Local SCI Servicing Office.