National Farmers Market Managers Survey

The 2019 National Farmers Market Manager Survey was undertaken with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). NASS conducted the survey in the spring of 2020 using 2019 as a reference year. The survey estimated that 8,140 farmers markets were in operation in the lower 48 states. The survey shares general information about market organizational characteristics, agricultural business support activities and market development activities.

NASS mailed the survey to approximately 10,000 farmers market managers. The response rate of the survey was 58.8 percent. Outreach included all active farmers market listings in the USDA Farmers Market Directory as well as additional markets gathered through research and stakeholder promotion.

Survey results will help the farmers market sector and policy makers better understand direct marketing opportunities, activities and challenges from a farmers market manager’s perspective. Data gathered from the survey will be used to evaluate potential expansion opportunities, target access to local foods, assess community access to local and organic foods, and help identify opportunities where USDA can support community involvement.

As required by law, the security of participants’ data is protected and survey results shared publicly are presented in aggregate form.

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The NASS Bulletin is available at National Farmers Market Managers

Research Briefs

This series of research briefs summarize key findings from the survey and provides conclusions and recommendations for key stakeholders of farmers markets in the U.S. Stakeholders who may find this information useful include farmers market managers, farmers and other producers, vendors, researchers, policymakers, and researchers.