Local Food Directories

USDA AMS’s new and improved Local Food Directories are up and running!

This new platform is much easier to navigate and has many new features for business owners to leverage. Over the next few months, we’ll be ironing out the bugs on the platform and working with partners to add more businesses to the directories, so that when summer rolls around this site will be packed with information for consumers across the country. New features include:

  • Account creation making it easier for market manager to update their listings
  • Combining all directories under on platform.
  • New Agritourism Directory
  • New fields such as affinity groups
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Integration with Google Maps and Apple Maps.

If you manage a food hub, farmers market, CSA or agritourism venture, please take the time to log in to the new site and look around.

Explore the Local Food Directories

The directories are managed and operated by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), a USDA agency with the core mission of facilitating the fair and efficient marketing of U.S. agricultural products.

From customers looking to buy fresh local foods for their families to wholesale food buyers, you can quickly identify nearby suppliers of local food. By listing their business information in the directories, farmers, producers and distributors of local foods are able to take advantage of opportunities in both direct-to-consumer and wholesale markets.

For questions about the Local Food Directories, please contact:  

Edward Ragland, Economist

Americo J. Vega-Labiosa, Agricultural Marketing Specialist