AMS LAMP Grants Technical Assistance Materials for Applicants

AMS LAMP Grant Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of AMS LAMP grant opportunities and FY24 project types and activities.

RFA Infographics

Request for Application (RFA) infographics provide guidance on navigating the FY2024 RFAs for the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP), Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) and Regional Food System Partnerships Program (RFSP).

AMS LAMP RFA Summaries

These 5-7 page summaries highlight some of the main points of the RFA and elevate important information for applicants to consider and address. They also offer some examples of previously funded projects that applicants can read for inspiration.

Narrative Form Guide and Outline

These two documents walk through the narrative forms for FMPP and LFPP (not including the Turnkey Marketing and Promotion and Turnkey Recruitment and Training narrative form) and RFSP. The first page is an overview of highlighted sections from the narrative form with a brief description or tip. The following pages go into a little more detail about each of those highlighted sections.

Quick Guides and Infographics

Quick guides and Infographics focus on specific topic areas and address common questions from grant applicants.