Uploading USDA Audit Reports

Do you want to make sure your buyers see the positive results of your USDA GAP audit? The USDA Specialty Crops Inspection Division (SCI) can upload your USDA audit report to one or more of these commercial supply chain databases: ICIX, Azzule Systems, or Food LogiQ.

Please ask your customer which option they prefer. Then, when you complete your Agreement for Participation in Audit Verification Programs (SC-651), check the appropriate box to indicate your choice for the audit upload.

SCI charges one hour at the current audit rate ($115/hour) per upload for each system that you choose. You must pay the bill for the upload to maintain your certification listing on the USDA website. Your auditor will provide you with information on how the billing will work.

Upload Options


  • https://www.icix.com
  • If you don’t already have an account with ICIX, create one on their website at https://icix.com/get-in-touch/.
  • If you already have an account, submit a Request for Certification within the ICIX system. Our listing in ICIX is “USDA, AMS, Specialty Crops Program, Specialty Crops Inspection Division.”
  • Once we receive a request from the ICIX system, we will upload your audit report.

Azzule Systems

  • http://www.azzule.com/
  • Once you specify that we should upload to Azzule on your FV-651, no other steps are required on your part. TheSCI office will upload your report once it is released by our reviewers.
  • Please note that Azzule will not automatically send your report to Costco. For this to occur, you will need to send a written request to SCAudits@usda.gov from the email account identified on your audit report

  • Some customers require direct entry of the audit report information into the Azzule database. SCI charges two hours at the current audit rate ($115/hour) per entry of each audit report.

Food LogiQ