National Producer Handler Hearing Exhibits

Exhibit 43 and 45: Not Assigned per Judge Clifton

Exhibit 93: Sealed by order of Judge Clifton


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Exhibit 1 Notice of Hearing .pdf 744.31 KB
Exhibit 2 News Release .pdf 46.36 KB
Exhibit 3 Market Administrator Certificates of Mailing .pdf 323.63 KB
Exhibit 4 Certification of Officials Notified .pdf 23.96 KB
Exhibit 5 Exempt Plant List .pdf 43.66 KB
Exhibit 6 and 6A Annual Route Sales by Handler Type.pdf 42.26 KB
Exhibit 7 and 7A Information of Producer-Handlers, Selected Time Periods.pdf 34.02 KB
Exhibit 8 Producer-Handlers, Listed by State .pdf 17.82 KB
Exhibit 9 Class I Disposition by Regulated Handlers, by Order .pdf 18.07 KB
Exhibit 10 Fully Regulated Handler Sales, by Order .pdf 19.85 KB
Exhibit 11 Exempt Handler Sales, by Order .pdf 17.52 KB
Exhibit 12 and 12A Producer-Handler Sales, by Order.pdf 52.13 KB
Exhibit 13 Producer-Handler Regulatory Status, by Month .pdf 95.49 KB
Exhibit 14 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, October 2002 .pdf 35.04 KB
Exhibit 15 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, May 2003 .pdf 34.53 KB
Exhibit 16 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, May 2007 .pdf 34.87 KB
Exhibit 17 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, October 2007 .pdf 32.73 KB
Exhibit 18 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, May 2008 .pdf 34.01 KB
Exhibit 19 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, October 2008 .pdf 34.37 KB
Exhibit 20 Federal Milk Order Plant Structure Information, March 2009 .pdf 33.54 KB
Exhibit 21 Data Request Submitted by AIDA .pdf 136.93 KB
Exhibit 22 Factors for Converting Volumes Sold into Number of Container Units .pdf 20.71 KB
Exhibit 23 Testimony of Dr. Roger Cryan, National Milk Producers Federation .pdf 348 KB
Exhibit 24 Testimony of Dennis Tonak, Mid-West Dairymen's Company .pdf 134.95 KB
Exhibit 25 Testimony of Mike Asbury, Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Inc. .pdf 38.39 KB
Exhibit 26 Testimony of Jock Gibson, Lochmead Dairy .pdf 49.38 KB
Exhibit 27 Testimony of Leon Berthiaume, St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, Inc. .pdf 68.21 KB
Exhibit 28 Testimony of Bill Newell, Dairy Farmers of America .pdf 53.82 KB
Exhibit 29 Testimony of Cindy Damm, Dairy Farmers of America .pdf 53.63 KB
Exhibit 30 Testimony of John Traweek, Dairy Farmers of America .pdf 41.53 KB
Exhibit 31 Testimony of Rod Daniels, Michigan Milk Producers Association .pdf 45.49 KB
Exhibit 32 Testimony of Paul Rovey, United Dairymen of Arizona .pdf 53.88 KB
Exhibit 33 Testimony of James Buelow, Worcester Creameries, et al. .pdf 38.43 KB
Exhibit 34 Testimony of Gary Lee, Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. .pdf 60.06 KB
Exhibit 35 Testimony of Mark Kastel, Cornucopia Institute [Redacted] .pdf 58.72 KB
Exhibit 36 Testimony submitted by Vermont and Wisconsin Departments of Agriculture, et al. .pdf 781.53 KB
Exhibit 37 Testimony of Matt Shatto, Shatto Farms, Inc. .pdf 95.67 KB
Exhibit 38 Testimony of Steven Rowe, Northwest Dairy Association and Darigold, Inc. .pdf 111.74 KB
Exhibit 39 Testimony of JT Wilcox .pdf 103.03 KB
Exhibit 40 Testimony of Gary Latta, Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc. .pdf 332.28 KB
Exhibit 41 Testimony of Gene Carrejo, Price's Creamery .pdf 65.85 KB
Exhibit 42 Testimony of John Rooney, Monument Farms, Inc. .pdf 54.5 KB
Exhibit 45 Monument Farms Photograph 1 .pdf 131.19 KB
Exhibit 46 Monument Farms Photograph 2 .pdf 125.89 KB
Exhibit 47 Monument Farms Photograph 3 .pdf 155.43 KB
Exhibit 48 Monument Farms Photograph 4 .pdf 117.58 KB
Exhibit 49 Monument Farms Photograph 5 .pdf 128.9 KB
Exhibit 50 Monument Farms Photograph 6 .pdf 141.78 KB
Exhibit 51 Monument Farms Photograph 7 .pdf 156.2 KB
Exhibit 52 USDA Response to Data Request Submitted by Select Milk Producers, Inc. and Continental Dairy Products, Inc. .pdf 19.31 KB
Exhibit 53 Per Gallon Milk Prices, Select Locations .pdf 105.2 KB
Exhibit 54 Partially Regulated Distributing Plant Sales and Utilization, Select Orders .pdf 108.78 KB
Exhibit 55 Producer-Handler Utilization, by Order .pdf 160.03 KB
Exhibit 56 Estimated Impact of Proposals 1 and 2 .pdf 144.64 KB
Exhibit 57 Estimated Impact of Removing Selected Volumes from FMMO Pools .pdf 265.22 KB
Exhibit 58 USDA Response to Data Request Submitted by AIDA .pdf 14.19 KB
Exhibit 59 Estimated Impact of Depooled Milk on Producer Price Differential, Select Orders .pdf 94.59 KB
Exhibit 60 Estimated Fees for Plants Regulated as a Result of Proposal 1 .pdf 74 KB
Exhibit 61 Producer-Handler Utilization, by Order .pdf 103.58 KB
Exhibit 62 USDA Response to Data Request Submitted by Mallorie's Dairy, et al. .pdf 18.33 KB
Exhibit 63 Producer-Handler Utilization, by Order .pdf 106.92 KB
Exhibit 64 Utilization by Fully Regulated Plants with at Least 70 Percent of Milk Received Directly from Producers .pdf 117.03 KB
Exhibit 65 Partially Regulated Distributing Plant Sales and Utilization, Select Orders .pdf 55.2 KB
Exhibit 66 Milk Received by Producer-Handlers from Other Sources, Select Orders .pdf 40.13 KB
Exhibit 67 Updated USDA Response to Data Request Submitted by AIDA .pdf 13.93 KB
Exhibit 68 Disposition of Organic Fluid Milk Products by Regulated Handlers as Percentage of Class I Utilization .pdf 24.2 KB
Exhibit 69 Total Estimated Depooled Milk in Federal Milk Order Markets .pdf 17.29 KB
Exhibit 70 Total Cooperative Member and Non-Member Milk, by Order .pdf 537.38 KB
Exhibit 71 Testimony Submitted by the Federation of Organic Dairy Farmers .pdf 104 KB
Exhibit 72 Testimony of Rick Segalla, Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance .pdf 104.19 KB
Exhibit 73 NMPF Cost of Production Tables .pdf 101.34 KB
Exhibit 74 and 74A Producer-Handler Sales, by Order, Including Estimated Sales by Select Producer-Handlers.pdf 68.03 KB
Exhibit 75 and 75A Testimony of William Schiek, Dairy Institute of California.pdf 985.83 KB
Exhibit 76 Testimony of Michael Newell, HP Hood .pdf 60.5 KB
Exhibit 77 Testimony of Jim Wernet, Bareman Dairy .pdf 58.47 KB
Exhibit 78 Information from Country Dairy Website .pdf 775.33 KB
Exhibit 79 Testimony of Chrissie Dewey, Harrisburg Dairies .pdf 34 KB
Exhibit 80 Testimony of Robert Yonkers, International Dairy Foods Association .pdf 107.76 KB
Exhibit 81 Testimony of Gerald Gilbert, Country Morning Farms .pdf 44.85 KB
Exhibit 82 Testimony of Charles Flanagan, Mallorie's Dairy .pdf 259.77 KB
Exhibit 83 Testimony of Jim Docheff, Diamond D Dairy .pdf 25.83 KB
Exhibit 84 and 84A Testimony of Ron Kreider, Kreider Farms.pdf 147.78 KB
Exhibit 85 Declaration of Hein Hettinga before the United States District Court .pdf 140.29 KB
Exhibit 86 Testimony of Erick Metzger, National All-Jersey Inc. .pdf 74.62 KB
Exhibit 87 Testimony of W. Anthony Bostwick, Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Stores .pdf 62.23 KB
Exhibit 88 Testimony of Sally Keefe, Aurora Organic Dairy .pdf 85.48 KB
Exhibit 89 Testimony of Ronald D. Knutson .pdf 814.61 KB
Exhibit 90 Testimony of Wayne A. Knoblauch .pdf 151.66 KB
Exhibit 91 Comparing Your Milk Checks, by Mark Stephenson, Cornell University .pdf 90.55 KB
Exhibit 92 Testimony of Jeff Sapp, Nature's Dairy [Rejected] .pdf 40.44 KB
Exhibit 94 Testimony of Carolyn Orr, Northeast States Association for Agriculture Stewardship .pdf 293.11 KB
Exhibit 95 Testimony of Warren Taylor, Snowville Creamery .pdf 96.99 KB
Exhibit 96 Customer Comments Received by Snowville Creamery .pdf 420.22 KB
Exhibit 97 Testimony of Charles Sharpe, Heartland Creamery .pdf 45.49 KB
Exhibit 98 Testimony of Tim Button, Heartland Creamery .pdf 43.87 KB
Exhibit 99 Heartland Creamery's Star-K Kosher Certification .pdf 35.46 KB
Exhibit 100 Information from Heartland Creamery Website and Anderson Erickson Website .pdf 91.24 KB
Exhibit 101 List of Retailers of Heartland Creamery Products, from Heartland Creamery Website .pdf 104.52 KB
Exhibit 102 Alternative Proposal of Mallorie's Dairy, with Explanation .pdf 221.22 KB
Exhibit 103 Letter from National Milk Producers Federation to Secretary of Agriculture, Dated June 23, 2005 .pdf 66.4 KB
Exhibit 104 Testimony of Elvin Hollon, Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. .pdf 132.44 KB
Exhibit 105 National Milk Producers Federation Talking Points, Dated February 2009 .pdf 88.42 KB
Exhibit 106 Request for Official Notice of Documents by AIDA .pdf 27.97 KB