Hearing on Class III and IV Prices

Final Rule

Final Decision and Termination of Proceedings

Interim Final Rule (July-September 2008)

Tentative Final Decision (March-September 2008)

Evidentiary Record of Hearing (February-October 2007)

Associated Motions and Orders (April-December 2007)

Industry Correspondence (June-July 2007)

Testimony Submitted in Advance of July 9, 2007 Reconvened Hearing

Testimony Submitted in Advance of April 9, 2007 Reconvened Hearing

Analysis Documents (October 2006-August 2007)

Hearing Notices (February-May 2007)

Revised Class III and IV Proposals and Correspondence Submitted by December 20, 2006

Submitted Class III and IV Product Price Formula Proposals
To assist in reviewing the proposals, Dairy Programs separated them by submitter type and major topics.

Submitted By Organizations/Companies:

De-coupling Class I and II from Class III and IV

Make Allowances

Yield Factors

Producers Cost of Production

Processors Cost of Production

Whey Price

Protein Price

Class I and II Product Price Formulas

NASS Prices

Submitted By Producers:

Cost of Production Pennsylvania


New York



De-Coupling Class Prices Pennsylvania

Low Milk Prices Pennsylvania

Supply/Demand Pricing Pennsylvania

Quota System New York