LAMP Navigator

What is the LAMP Navigator?

The LAMP Navigator is a tool that allows you to explore LAMP grant inputs, activities, and project details. This data can show how LAMP grants impact local and regional food systems. It includes the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP), Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP), and Regional Food System Partnerships Program (RFSP). These three programs are administered by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. The Value-Added Producer Grant Program (VAPG) is not included in the AMS LAMP Navigator, as it is administered by USDA’s Rural Development. The navigator includes the dashboards below.

Grant Activities Dashboard: This dashboard shows all activities reported by grant recipients for AMS-funded LAMP projects from 2006 to 2023. Users can click on the “activities” word cloud to see where specific grant activities are being implemented in grant projects, as well as the breakdown of activities and/or grant funds by grant program.

Grant Awards Detail Dashboard: This dashboard provides the ability to sort funded projects from 2006 to 2023 counts by grant program, fiscal year, organization or entity type, and project types. This dashboard is interactive   and can be filtered in many ways.

Description of Funded Projects Dashboard: This dashboard provides more in-depth narrative detail on projects such as activities, timelines, titles, and abstracts. It includes all projects from 2006 to 2023.    

For more information about LAMP, including success stories and outreach resources, visit the AMS Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP) website.

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Screenshot of Lamp Navigator Dashboard

How to Use the LAMP Navigator

Dashboards have three main tools to explore and export information: filters, dynamic elements, and guides.

1) You can use filters in the top row of each dashboard to select specific search criteria. To use these filters, first click the criteria you want, then click “apply.” For keyword searches, type a word into the field titled “Project Keyword Search,” then hit the “enter” button.

2) Click on any element of the dashboard to see specific projects related to that element. For example, you can click on a bar in the bar chart to see projects awarded in a particular year, or a slice of the pie chart to see awards within a specific project type. This action will filter the rest of the dashboard on the criteria clicked. You may also hover over visuals to see element, such as hovering over a point in a heat map to see more information on that grant project.

3) Use the “dashboard guide” at the top right of most dashboards to get more information on data trends and visual descriptions. Hover over the help icon next to the filters to learn more about each type of filter and how to use it.

To download dashboard information, you use the buttons at the bottom of each dashboard. Results can be downloaded in Adobe PDF or PowerPoint format. The Description of Funded Projects dashboard can also be downloaded in spreadsheet format after using the filters to get specific project information.

The LAMP Navigator is best used when opening in full screen mode using the Tableau  Icon at the top right corner of the Dashboards.

Data Disclaimer and Notes

The data in these dashboards are all self-reported by grant recipients. While AMS provides definitions and guidance to grant recipients through its performance measures, reported data variables are dependent on the interpretation of each grant recipient. Data displayed does not supersede official documents, guidance or policy related to federal appropriations or grant awards.

Data Gaps: Project type data is only available for 2014 to 2023 (project type focuses were created for LAMP programs in 2014). USDA did not issue FMPP or LFPP grants FY 2013 due to a lapse in funding. Where the historical data is missing, the dashboard labels the datapoints as “Not Specified”. “Not Specified” data includes data that was not reported at the time or missing self-reported data.

Public LAMP Dataset for 2006 to 2023/Data Dictionary

AMS Grants Division has included a complete dataset and data dictionary (xlsx) for user who want to better understand the data as well as definitions of terms used within the LAMP Navigator and our LAMP Grant Programs. 

This is a beta dashboard. AMS Grants Division is accepting feedback or comments through or through the survey below. 

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