Export Requirements for Taiwan

Export Procedures – Table Eggs to Taiwan
April 1, 2017 

Ineligible Products

Consult the Shell Egg Export Restrictions Dashboard prior to certifying any shipments.


All Policy and General Procedures Requirements listed in General Export Certification must be met unless otherwise noted in this webpage.


This instruction outlines specific animal health verification criteria, grading, certification, and shipping requirements prescribed for shell eggs to be exported to Taiwan.

General Procedures

Grade Requirements 

The shell eggs must be graded and certified as U.S. Grade A or better, as outlined in the United States Standards, Grades, and Weight Classes for Shell Eggs (AMS 56). 


The remarks section of the Form LP-210S certificate must include statements as described below that APHIS officials will reference when verifying information supporting the issuance of the Veterinary Service (VS) Form 16-4 containing the animal health attestations for the egg-laying flock(s).  Do not issue a Disease Free Statement for shell eggs destined for Taiwan. 

Taiwan authorities will only accept animal health statements issued and signed by a veterinarian.  Therefore, upon completion of the Form LP-210S and prior to shipment, plant management must obtain a VS Form 16-4, Export Certificate for Animal Products, by contacting the APHIS Veterinary Services  Service Center responsible for the state(s) in which the layer flock(s) is located. The relevant VS Service Center is available on the APHIS website

Two copies of the grading certificate (Form LP-210S) must be supplied to management to accompany the shipment; both must be signed and stamped using blue ink.

When completing the certificate (Form LP-210S) the following information must be included in remarks

  • “Eggs originate from a layer flock(s) located in the following state(s): [insert state(s) where the layer flock(s) is located]”
  • “Processing/packaging facility: [insert name and address of processing/packaging facility]”
  • “Eggs were processed/packaged on: [insert date(s) of processing/packaging]”
  • Product of the USA.
  • Certified for Export – Taiwan
  • Fit for Human Consumption
  • All table eggs are transported in new packaging material and a USDA approved sanitizing agent has been applied to the egg shells.
  • The eggs originated from commercial laying flocks.
  • Shipping container sealed with Seal No. (####)

sample form