Organic Training

The National Organic Program provides a wide range of free training and outreach materials for organic farms, businesses, and organic certification agencies. 

Training for Organic Farms and Businesses

  • Visit Is Organic an Option for Me? to learn the basics about organic certification and the organic standards.
  • For additional information about the organic standards and certification process, visit Sound and Sensible Certification to learn more about the organic value proposition, the certification process, and the standards.  

Training for Organic Certifiers and Inspectors

The Organic Integrity Learning Center offers free online training in a formal Learning Management System. The Learning Center supports the professional development and continuing education of professionals working to protect organic integrity including certifiers, inspectors, reviewers and compliance specialists in organic businesses. To facilitate course tracking and reporting, you need an account to access the Learning Center.

Getting Started:

Other Resources

  • NOP presents the Organic Integrity Learning Center (video)
  • Organic Integrity Learning Center Launch Memo (pdf)
  • Organic Integrity Learning Center - Course Offerings (pdf) – includes course descriptions
    • NOP-010 Introduction to the USDA Organic System
    • NOP-020 Sound and Sensible Organic Certification
    • NOP-030 Fundamentals of Inspection
    • NOP-040 Compliance and Enforcement: Adverse Actions, Appeals, and Reinstatement
    • NOP-050 Certification Administration Essentials
    • NOP-060 Import Oversight Essentials
    • NOP-070 Advanced Inspections: Investigations
    • NOP-080 Traceability Techniques
    • NOP-090 Organic Dairy Compliance
    • NOP-100 Organic Fraud and the Criminal Mind
    • NOP-110 Preventing the Organic Fraud Opportunity
    • NOP-120 Input Material Review
    • NOP-130 Organic Seed Search
    • NOP-140 Recordkeeping
    • NOP-150 Organic System Plans
    • NOP-160 Organic Regulations and Retail Labeling
    • NOP-170 Certification Review Essentials
    • NOP-180 International Organic Trade Arrangements
    • NOP-190 Sampling and Testing
    • NOP-200: Advanced Compliance and Enforcement Topics
    • NOP-220 Organic Integrity and Energy Infrastructure
    • NOP-230 Risk-Based Oversight
    • NOP-250 Natural Resources and Biodiversity
    • NOP-260: Organic Field Crop Practices
    • NOP-270 Organic Products Sold at Farmers Markets
    • NOP-290: Organic Dairy Compliance 2
    • NOP-300: NOP People, Processes, and Policy
    • NOP-310: Scenario-Based Inspector Training
    • NOP-320 Conducting Yield Analysis
    • NOP-330: Origin of Livestock
    • NOP-340: Livestock Traceability
    • NOP-350: Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) Final Rule Core Course
    • NOP-996 Growing the Organic Workforce
    • NOP-997 National Organic Program Microlearning
    • NOP-998 National Organic Program Presentations
    • NOP-999 National Organic Program Training Archive

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