Organic Training

The National Organic Program provides a variety of training resources for organic farms and businesses and organic certifiers. Each heading below indicates the intended audience for the training in that section. 

Training for Organic Farms and Businesses

Links to resources for candidate and current organic farms and businesses:

Interactive Training for Organic Inspectors and Certifiers 

NEW! The Investigation: The Trail of Evidence

Interactive, scenario-based training program for organic certifiers, inspectors, and compliance professionals. The training follows an organic certifier’s compliance and inspection staff as they investigate a complaint. Using a choose-your-own-adventure style video, the training demonstrates how to develop an investigative plan, conduct interviews, collect evidence, and construct a thorough investigative report.

The Path to Sound and Sensible Organic Inspections

Interactive scenario-based training program for organic certifiers and inspectors. The training follows an organic inspector through an annual inspection with a certified organic farmer. Using a series of choose-your-own-path scenarios, the training teaches sound and sensible inspection principles in a practical and engaging way.

Training Modules for Certifiers - 2018

Modulos de capacitación en español (Training Modules in Spanish)

Haga clic aquí para ver una selección de 17 módulos de capacitación en español para entidades certificadoras. Los temas incluyen el proceso de certificación, pruebas periódicas de residuos, asistencia técnica, y más. (In English: Click here to see a selection of 17 training modules in Spanish for certifying bodies. Topics include the certification process, periodic residue testing, technical assistance, and more.)

Training Modules for Certifiers – 2017

Training Modules for Certifiers – 2016

Training Modules for Certifiers - 2015

NOP Training Modules for Certifiers – 2014

Training Modules – 2013

Training Modules - 2012

Training Modules - 2011