Organic Training

The National Organic Program provides a wide range of free training and outreach materials for organic farms, businesses, and organic certification agencies. 

For Organic Farms and Businesses

  • Visit Is Organic an Option for Me? to learn the basics about organic certification and the organic standards.
  • For additional information about the organic standards and certification process, visit Sound and Sensible Certification to learn more about the organic value proposition, the certification process, and the standards.  

For Professionals Responsible for Organic Compliance

The Organic Integrity Learning Center offers free online training in a formal Learning Management System. The Learning Center supports the professional development and continuing education of professionals working to protect organic integrity including certifiers, inspectors, reviewers and compliance specialists in organic businesses. To facilitate course tracking and reporting, you need an account to access the Learning Center.

Getting Started:

Other Resources

For questions about the Organic Integrity Learning Center, contact