MPIRG Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can meat or poultry processing facilities that have an MPIRG award from the FY21 Request for Applications (RFA) apply for additional MPIRG funding in the FY22 RFA? If so, how much funding may they request?

A: Yes, previous MPIRG award recipients can apply for additional funding through the FY22 MPIRG RFA. Applicants should carefully follow the instructions in the RFA. In addition, they may apply for the full MPIRG award amount ($200,000 maximum). AMS will prioritize the selection of applicants who have not already received MPIRG funding.

Q: Can an applicant for MPIRG request funding for construction of a new building?

A: Funds cannot be used for construction of a new building or facility. Funds could be used for “transferable” items, such as consulting fees, and light machinery.

Q: Are seafood processors included in this opportunity?

A: Only catfish of the order of Siluriformes are included in the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA). Therefore, if the processor is processing fish of the order Siluriformes then the currently operating processor would be eligible to apply for a Federal Grant of Inspection (GOI) project but not the Cooperative Interstate Shipment (CIS) project, even if they are in a state that participates in CIS as Siluriformes are not eligible for State Inspection.

Q: If an establishment has a Federal GOI or is a CIS establishment and want to expand operations, are they eligible to apply for the Meat Poultry Inspection Readiness Grant (MPIRG) program?

A: If a firm has Federal Grant of Inspection or is a CIS establishment, they are ineligible for this grant program.

Q: If an establishment is currently operating as a CIS plant are they eligible for this grant program if they want to pursue a Federal GOI, or if the facility has a Federal GOI can they participate in this program if they want to apply for the CIS program?

A: No, they would not be eligible for this grant program.

Q: Can an establishment seeking to come under the Talmadge-Aiken inspection program be eligible for this program?

A: Establishments seeking a Federal GOI under the Talmadge-Aiken inspection program are eligible to apply for grants through the MPIRG program.

Q: Are establishments that are currently operating with a Federal GOI in the Talmadge-Aiken inspection program eligible for the MPIRG program?

A: No, they are not eligible.

Q: If an establishment is currently operating under a Federal Grant of Inspection in the conditional grant phase, for the purpose of 90-day validation, and awaiting the permanent grant designation, would the establishment be eligible for MPIRG?

A: For all intents and purposes this establishment has a Federal Grant of Inspection. The establishment is ineligible for MPIRG.

Q: What information do I need to know if my project includes construction?


  • Eligible activities which include construction can involve modernizing or expanding an existing facility (including expansion and modifications to existing buildings and/or construction of new buildings at existing facilities);
  • Applications that include construction must contain any design and construction documents. These documents and do not count against the 20-page limit of the project narrative;
  • Projects that include construction must have as part of their application package:
    • Form (SF) 424C, Budget Information – Construction Programs
    • Form (SF) 424D – Assurances – Construction Programs
  • FSIS does not approve blue prints or building plans for facilities. The applicant will need to ensure the construction project, when completed, will comply with the regulatory requirements. Regulatory compliance resources are listed in the RFA.

Q: Where do I find information on how to obtain a federal grant of inspection?

A:  View the Information on how to apply for a federal grant of inspection or view the RFA (pdf)

Q: Where can I find information on Cooperative Interstate Shipping (CIS) Program?

A: View the Information on the CIS Program or view the RFA (pdf)

Q: What is the minimum standard to be considered operational to be eligible for the MPIRG grant program?

A: AMS is considering the minimum threshold requirement for operational to a be a business (including universities, non-profits) operating at the time of application, so conducting business.

Q: When filling out the project narrative template, how do I fill out the following sections: Business permit, License number, and State identifier?


  • For Business permits, use your EIN / UBI number
  • For License numbers, use your State/County/Municipality License number
  • For State identifier , use applicable state name

Q: What does the applicant list for program income on the application for MPIRG?

A: Do not list any dollar amount for program income. The MPIRG program is to fund obtaining a federal grant of inspection or to comply with the Cooperative Interstate Shipment (CIS) program. Since facilities must already be in operation at the time of award, they will already also be revenue generating.