How to Apply for the FLSP Grant

Application Period Closed

The Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Program (FLSP) grant application period closed on January 3, 2024. If you experienced unresolved issues prior to the deadline and believe your situation meets the criteria to qualify for acceptance under the Late Application, Denial and/or Appeal Policy – please submit detailed information for our consideration by 11:59 p.m. on January 17, 2024 at Requests received after January 17 will not be considered.

What are the application requirements and required forms? 

You can find the requirements for applying in the most recently published Request for Applications. 

Each application must include the following forms: 

If applicable, application packages are required to include the following documents: 

Is there anything else I need to apply? 

You need to complete the following steps to apply for a grant: 

  1. Register with System for Award Management ( You must have an active account in order to apply. Registering in SAM is free, but it can take time so be sure to get registered right away. If you are already registered with SAM, you do not need to do it again. You must ensure your registration remains active.  

  1. Register with You must create a account. You must know your Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number to register. Once roles have been assigned and authorized, the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) will be able to submit the application. 

  1. Follow the application instructions and submission requirements in the FLSP NFO (pdf).   

  1. To be considered for funding, all required forms must be submitted as part of a complete application package.  Your application will not be considered if all required forms are not submitted together, you should review the Late Applications, Denials and/or Appeal Procedures (pdf) for further information.  

  1. Submit application through If you missed the deadline due to an extenuating circumstance, you should review the Late Applications, Denials and/or Appeal Procedures (pdf) for further information.  

  1. issues emails to the applicant providing the submission receipt number, submission validation receipt, and Grantor Agency Retrieval notification. AMS sends confirmation of grant application receipt. 

What are other resources I should consider? offers applicant trainings and resources as well as support when submitting an application.  If you need support, contact the Support Center at or visit their Support page

If you have any questions about applying to the FLSP grant, feel free to contact the grant program at