Moisture Equipment

Moisture meters are used to determine the amount of moisture within grain presented for sale, a critical assessment of quality that affects the value and storability of the grain.  The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) uses the DICKEY-JOHN GAC 2500-UGMA and Perten AM 5200-A as Official Moisture Meters for all officially inspected grains and commodities.


Perten AM 5200-A

Official Moisture Calibrations

Official Moisture Meter Checktest Procedures

Technical Reference Materials

Scientific Publications (Available on Request)

  • UGMA First Research Report (GIPSA 2001)
  • UGMA Development Overview (IQGC 2004)
  • UGMA Unified Parameter Development (IQGC 2004)
  • UGMA Development Report 2006 (MST 2006)
  • UGMA Effects of Test Cell Loading Methods (ISEMA 2011)
  • UGMA Secondary Density Correction (ISEMA 2011)

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