Organic Enforcement Activity

USDA Agreements and Decisions 

The USDA often engages in administrative and judicial proceedings to resolve noncompliance notices or to implement a proposed action such as a Cease and Desist Notice or a Proposed Suspension or Revocation. The following pages link to the outcomes of these proceedings.

  • Settlement Agreements - Issued to resolve proposed adverse actions and to bring a certifier or operator into full compliance in a fast and efficient manner.
  • AMS Decisions – Issued when NOP issues a Suspension or Revocation or when the AMS Administrator issues a Decision on an appeal.
  • Administrative Law Judge Decisions - Issued when USDA files a complaint against a certifier or operation and/or a certifier or operator appeals an AMS Administrator Decision.  
  • USDA Judicial Officer Decisions - Issued when a certifier or operator appeals an Administrative Law Judge Decision.

NOP Compliance & Enforcement/Appeals Reports

Each quarter, the NOP posts an enforcement report, summarizing activities taken by the agency in previous periods:

Organic Oversight and Enforcement Reports