Organic Enforcement Activity

USDA Agreements and Decisions 

The USDA often engages in administrative and judicial proceedings to resolve noncompliance notices or to implement a proposed action such as a Cease and Desist Notice or a Proposed Suspension or Revocation. The following pages link to the outcomes of these proceedings.

  • Settlement Agreements - Issued to resolve proposed adverse actions and to bring a certifier or operator into full compliance in a fast and efficient manner.
  • AMS Decisions – Issued when NOP issues a Suspension or Revocation or when the AMS Administrator issues a Decision on an appeal.
  • Administrative Law Judge Decisions - Issued when USDA files a complaint against a certifier or operation and/or a certifier or operator appeals an AMS Administrator Decision.  
  • USDA Judicial Officer Decisions - Issued when a certifier or operator appeals an Administrative Law Judge Decision.

Fraudulent Organic Certificates

Fraudulent Organic Certificates are posted to help buyers and certifying agents guard against doing business based on a fraudulently created organic certificate.

Annual Organic Oversight and Enforcement Reports

NOP Enforcement Dashboard

Based on feedback from the organic community, we have updated the format of the Quarterly Enforcement Report to provide more context and better answer frequently asked questions, starting February 2020. Feedback on the new format is welcomed via email at