The ePACA Portal is a centralized location for submitting or renewing a license application, searching license status and filing informal complaints. 

PACA License Search

Search PACA licensee information, including informal and formal complaint information.  

ePACA Portal

Through ePACA Portal, ePACA users can:

  • Apply for a PACA license;
  • Quickly renew a license online;
  • Download and print a license certificate at any time;
  • Securely submit credit card or ACH payments online;
  • Update business information;
  • File a reparation complaint online.

Returning users - If you already have an ePACA account, go to the ePACA Portal

First time users - if you do not have an ePACA account, follow the steps to register:

Step 1. Please use the Google Chrome web browser when using the ePACA Portal. If you don't have Chrome on your computer, you can download Chrome

Step 2. Get an eAuthentication account: In order to use the ePACA system, you will need to have a user ID and password in the USDA eAuthentication (eAuth) System

Go to the eAuth registration

  • Register for Your Account - Level 1: follow the instructions to submit the required information (First/Last Name and email);
  • You will receive an e-mail to activate your eAuth account. Once you’ve activated your eAuth account, you can login to the ePACA Portal with your username and password

Step 3. Go to ePACA Portal

Please use the Google Chrome web browser when using the ePACA Portal. 

  • Use your eAuthentication User ID and password to login to the ePACA Portal;
  • Follow the prompts to enter the ePACA Portal. 

For businesses renewing your license, you will automatically receive an email 45 days prior to your anniversary date. This email will provide the online renewal instructions and your ePACA ID. The ePACA ID is a system identifier for your business and is NOT the same number as your PACA license number. If you haven’t received your ePACA ID by email, please contact the National License Center at (800) 495-7222, Option 1.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call the National License Center at (800) 495-7222, Option 1.

ePACA Portal User Guides