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Education & Training

To be successful in the fast-paced fruit and vegetable industry, you need a clear understanding of contract terms and your legal rights and responsibilities. You need to know the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)—the law that enforces fair-trade practices in the produce industry. Failing to understand and comply with the provisions of the law can put your business at a competitive disadvantage.

Free Online Training

Our free online course covers the basic information you need to operate within the PACA. In addition to learning about your rights and responsibilities, you’ll increase your understanding of trade terms, payment requirements, interpretation of Federal inspection certificates and more.

The course is divided into 10 units, and each unit can be completed in less than one hour. After reviewing the material for each unit, you can take the on-line test and get immediate feedback on what you’ve learned.  

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Seminars & Presentations

Interaction with the produce industry is a key component to the success of the PACA. That is why we offer seminars and presentations at the request of any interested party.

Your group may be as small as the sales staff of your own company or as large as an industry trade show. 

Contact your nearest Regional Office to set up a seminar. 


An Introduction to PACA

PACA Complaint Process

You've Established A Breach in PACA:  Now What?

PACA 101 in Korean

Interpreting USDA Fruit & Vegetable Inspections: Does the shipment make good delivery?

Interactive Discussion: the PACA Complaint Process

PACA Trust Provision

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  • Recording (Jan 2013) (currently unavailable)

Origins, Creation and Evolution of Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution

Additional Materials