Specialty Crops Marketing Orders & Agreements

Marketing orders and agreements are industry-driven programs that help fruit, vegetable, and specialty crop producers and handlers achieve marketing success.  By working together, industry members leverage their own funds to design and execute programs that they would not be able to do as individuals. The Agricultural Marketing Service oversees fruit, vegetable, and specialty crop marketing orders and agreements and ensures compliance with all requirements. Marketing orders and agreements are authorized by the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 (pdf).


Headquarters Acting Director:  Heather Pichelman
Email:   Heather.Pichelman@usda.gov
Phone:  (202) 720-2491

Headquarters Deputy Director:  Andrew Hatch
Email: Andrew.Hatch@usda.gov
Phone: (202) 720-2491

Northwest Regional Director: Gary Olson
Email: GaryD.Olson@usda.gov
Phone: (503) 326-2724

Southeast Regional Director: Christian Nissen
Email: Christian.Nissen@usda.gov
Phone: (863) 324-3375