For USDA Licensed Producers Only

Please note: USDA is currently accepting license applications from producers in New Hampshire and Mississippi due to those states opting to use a USDA plan. Growers in any other state or tribe that makes a similar decision may also apply for a license under the USDA plan.

To apply for a USDA hemp production license, please send your completed application with a copy of your FBI criminal history report to USDA/AMS/Specialty Crops Program, Hemp Branch, 470 L’Enfant Plaza S.W., Post Office Box 23192, Washington D.C. 20026.

An FBI criminal history report must accompany the USDA Hemp Program application. Remember to include FBI criminal history reports for all key participants listed on the application.

Note: Due to the pandemic, AMS is experiencing mail delays. Please email a copy of your complete application to for faster processing.

If you have questions about applying for a USDA hemp program license, please email us at

USDA Producer Reporting Forms

These forms are to be completed by producers that hold a USDA issued license only. Please submit reporting forms via email to

USDA Hemp Plan Producer Disposal Form (AMS-27) (pdf)

This form collects disposal information of cannabis that tested above the 0.3 percent THC threshold legal limit under the USDA Program.  The form includes the producer’s name and address, license number, location information for the production area subject to disposal, information on the agent handling the disposal, and the date when the disposal was completed.  This form needs to be submitted to USDA no later than 30 days after the disposal date listed on the form. 

USDA Hemp Plan Producer Annual Report (AMS-28) (pdf)

This form will be filled out by each licensed producer under the USDA program.  Each licensee must fill out annual production data including acreages planted, harvested and disposed of under their license.  This form is required to be submitted to USDA on December 15th of each year. 

Once your application is approved, remember to bring your license certificate with you when you visit your local Farm Service Agency field office to report your hemp crop acreage.

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