Hemp eLearning Platform (HeLP)

USDA has launched the Hemp eLearning Platform (HeLP) for USDA producers, states, tribes, testing laboratories, and sampling agents. There is no cost associated with any of our trainings.

Courses Currently Available:

  • Hemp eLearning Platform (HeLP) Welcome Video
  • USDA Licensed Hemp Producer Training
  • Initial Hemp Sampling Agent Training
  • Hemp Sampling Agent Refresher Training
  • Introduction to Hemp Testing and Labs Course
  • Reporting Hemp Crop Acreage with FSA
  • Testing a Hemp Sample
  • Hemp Lot ID/578 Reporting Microlearning
  • Hemp Seed Labels Microlearning

How to Enroll in HeLP Courses on the Blackboard LMS

  1. To enroll in HeLP courses, first create an account on the USDA HeLP Genius Sign Up Page.
    1. Genius is the Student Information System that allows you to access the courses in Blackboard, self-register for courses, and track your progress.
  2. If you already have an account, log in to the USDA HeLP Genius Welcome Page.
  3. Once you create an account you will be taken to your dashboard.
    NOTE: To enroll in the Initial Sampling Agent Training course, send an email to farmbill.hemp@usda.gov using the subject line “Initial Sampling Agent Training Enrollment” to request access to the training. 
  4. To enroll in all other courses, click Register for a Course on the left navigation menu then click Register on the desired course.

This is a screenshot of the Register for course page.  It shows where to find the register button on the left menu and where teh register button appears on the course icon..


  1. At the top right of your screen you will see your shopping cart with the number of courses selected. Click Proceed to Checkout.

    This is a screenshot of the shopping cart logo
  2. Click Confirm to complete your enrollment.  

    This screenshot shows where the confirmation button appears to finish your registration
  3. Click Dashboard to return to your HeLP dashboard and access your courses.

For technical issues, please contact usdahempsupport@apvit.com. For content questions, please contact the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) at 888-721-HEMP(4367) or farmbill.hemp@usda.gov.