Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP)

USDA has launched the Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP) for USDA producers, states, tribes, testing laboratories, and sampling Agents. To use HeMP you must have a USDA eAuthentication (eAuth) account or Login.Gov account. 

What is HeMP?

HeMP is a secure, online system that will be used to manage and submit hemp information and mandatory reporting to USDA, replacing the need to submit via email, mail, or fax. Access the HeMP system.

How can I get a HeMP account?

If you received a USDA Producer License between 2020-2022…
If you or your organization received a license to produce hemp prior to September of 2022, you already have a HeMP account. Please reach out to DHPP for assistance in accessing this preexisting account. Alternatively, if one of your colleagues has already logged into HeMP, reach out to that individual for an invitation to join.

If this is your first time working with USDA’s Domestic Hemp Production Program (DHPP)…
Welcome! If you have not worked with DHPP in the past, create an account. Please note that you must create a Login.Gov account prior to registering with the HeMP system.


To use HeMP, you will need a Login.gov account. Login.gov offers the public secure and private online access to participating USDA and government programs. The Login.gov process will require identity verification using personal information you submit such as your SSN, address, phone, and approved U.S. based state issued photo ID. Alternative methods for identity verification are available. Begin the process on the Login.gov website.

Transition from eAuthentication to Login.gov eAuth has partnered with Login.Gov to provide Public Customers multi-factor authentication (MFA) login options for secure and convenient access to HeMP. Individuals may continue to use existing eAuthentication accounts to access HeMP until the full transition has been made.

To ensure you have uninterrupted access to the HeMP system, we encourage customers to link existing eAuth accounts with Login.gov as soon as possible. View more information on this process.   

How do I log in to HeMP?

Once you have registered your HeMP account, you can log in using your Login.Gov or eAuthentication (eAuth) login information.

How do I use HeMP as a USDA licensed producer?

As a USDA licensed producer, you will use HeMP to submit and manage your license and reporting online, replacing the need to download forms and submit them via email, mail, or fax. Through HeMP you will:

  • Apply for a hemp license under USDA
  • Renew, amend, and print your hemp license
  • Submit disposal/remediation reports (AMS-27) and annual reports (AMS-28)
  • View hemp testing lab results and registered FSA lots

How do I use HeMP as a state or tribal Government?

As a state or tribe, you will use HeMP to submit and manage your hemp regulatory plan and reporting online, replacing the need to download forms and submit them via email, mail, or fax. Through HeMP you will:

  • Submit and amend your hemp regulatory plan
  • Submit monthly reports (AMS-23, 24) and annual reports (AMS-25)
  • Monitor your producers’ hemp lab results and FSA registration information
  • Manage and maintain your producers’ information

How do I use HeMP as a hemp testing laboratory?

As a hemp testing lab, you will use HeMP to submit and view previously submitted hemp testing results (AMS-22) to USDA.

How do I use HeMP as a Sampling Agent?

As a sampling agent, you will use HeMP to access our USDA Sampling Agent training, receive your Sampling Agent certificate and ID number, and report Sampling Events to USDA.

How do I use HeMP as a member of Law Enforcement?

Law Enforcement officials have unique access to HeMP information that can only be accessed at hempsearch.ams.usda.gov. Law enforcement members must request access to the Hemp eManagement Platform (HeMP) by emailing your name, contact information, and department details to FarmBill.Hemp@usda.gov. Members of Law Enforcement should not create accounts in the primary HeMP system.

The HeMP Law Enforcement Search Tool allows you to search for hemp license information, including details about USDA licensed producers and producers authorized under a State or Tribe. As part of this information, you can also see detailed maps of where hemp is being grown.

More information on the HeMP Law Enforcement Search Tool can be found on the For State and Tribal Law Enforcement Only tab.