List of Bioengineered Foods

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) developed the List of Bioengineered Foods to identify the crops or foods that are available in a bioengineered form throughout the world and for which regulated entities must maintain records. These records will inform regulated entities about whether they must make a bioengineered food disclosure.

New BE products continue to be developed. Even if a food is not included on the List, regulated entities whose records show that a food they are selling is bioengineered must make appropriate disclosure of that food.

AMS continually reviews the List and, if necessary, updates it through the federal rulemaking process.

Updates to the List

The following changes to the List have been published and recordkeeping requirements will become mandatory on the Compliance Date. There is no presumption of Bioengineered status for these foods until the compliance date.

Food Compliance Date
Added— Sugarcane (Bt insect-resistant varieties) June 23, 2025
Modified— “Squash (summer)” has been amended to “Squash (summer, coat protein-mediated virus-resistant varieties)” June 23, 2025