Below is an archive of video, webinar and power point presentations covering many of our programs and services. We will continue to build out this section to offer more reference materials.
Publication Date Title
Economic Impact Analysis of Proposed Regulations for Living Conditions for Organic Poultry
Poultry Living Conditions Economic Impact - Phase 3
Poultry Living Conditions Economic Impact - Phase 2
Poultry Living Conditions Economic Impact - Phase 1
Pecan Marketing Order And Agreement: Nominations and Next Steps
Seed Regulatory & Testing Division: Regulation of Prohibited and Restricted Noxious-weed seeds under FSA
Livestock, Poultry, and Seed Program Overview – Brown Bag Lunch Series
Further Findings from USDA and the National Food Hub Collaboration
Regional Food Hubs: Understanding the Scope & Scale of Food Hub Operations
Regional Food Hubs: Linking Producers to New Markets
The Influence of Agency Policy on the Development of Local Food Systems
Assessing Alternative Food Distribution Models
Emerging Opportunities for Local Food in U.S. Consumer Markets
Marketing the Farmers' Market
Show Me the Money: Business Planning for Farmer Markets
Regional Food Hubs and Food Value Chains: Improving Market Access for Local Producers Through Innovative Distribution
Country of Origin Labeling University of Georgia Correlation
Country of Origin Labeling ~ Q1 Productions ~ 2nd Annual Food Labeling: Evolving Regulatory Compliance Conference
COOL Division Retailer and Supplier Compliance and the Supplier Certification Program
COOL Division Retailer Requirements and Surveillance Activities