ATLAS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If my company is already registered with the eDocs portal, will we have to submit a new registration?
    1. No, but you will need to update information in the ATLAS system. Data migration includes entity, billing information, and manufacturing locations.
  2. Will all information and templates be transferred through as well?
    1. No, template information will not be transferred. Activating the reusable stored templates feature is currently the highest priority to be implemented after the initial release.
  3. Is there a way to attach an express mail return label (for example, FedEx, UPS or Priority Mail) or any other attachments?
    1. Yes, in the shipping groups you add the multiple types of files for shipping labels and can bundle certificates into a single shipment to save on shipping costs.
  4. Are backup QA docs no longer required? Or is that also included in the shipping docs uploads?
    1. The same information will be required. You can add additional documents to the certificate application. Certificates of Conformance (COC) for applicable countries should continue to be uploaded.
  5. Is there a print preview of the PDF?
    1. No, there is no print preview but users can view the PDF files, which is essentially what it would look like when printed.
  6. Can I submit VS Form 16-4 through Atlas?
    1. VS Form 16-4 is not part of ATLAS. You still need to access the APHIS system for that.
  7. When will ATLAS be going live?
    1. Dairy export certificates can be requested starting on May 10, 2021.
  8. Is the Korea template available in ATLAS?
    1. Korea’s certificate is not going to be launched until July 2021.
  9. If a company/entity is in the legacy system, do they still need to enter all the address info, billing info, etc.?
    1. Yes, we want to ensure than an association with the billing account is correctly established, as it is sensitive information.
  10. If my company is registered as an importer, do we also have to register separately as an exporter?
    1. The first question related to importing is in reference to foreign portal officials. If you are an importer in the US and importing from another country into the US, Dairy Program does not currently have a related program. Existing edocs and new users of ATLAS should register as exporters in ATLAS.
  11. Is there EDI functionality integrated within ATLAS that would automate certificates?
    1. We plan to start the API for business-to-business data transfer over the summer
  12. How do we register if we are a Forwarder who is applying for Sanitary Certificates for our Principals who are the actual shippers and sellers of the Product?
    1. If you are generating certificates on behalf of others, you will select the broker option in the sign-up process. The main difference will be establishing the relationship to the shipper; it uses a token to associate.