Becoming an Official Service Provider

Any person, State, or local government may apply for designation as an official agency to perform official inspection and/or weighing services. Section 79(f)(1)(A) of the USGSA lists the conditions and criteria for designation, and Section 79(f)(1)(B) says that an applicant must be better able to provide service than any other applicant for designation.

When and How to Apply

Applications for designation should be filed with FGIS, according to the Federal Register notice which requests applicants for designation to perform official services. The Application for Designation, Conflict of Interest Questionnaire, and Certification Regarding Drug-free Workplace Requirements must be submitted and accompanied by documents which show all information requested by FGIS. To have forms mailed to you, or for additional information about FGIS's delegation and designation programs contact FGIS, Quality Assurance and Compliance Division, Quality Assurance and Designation Branch. Each applicant will be required to submit a draft Quality Manual as part of their application package or have an FGIS approved Quality Management Program in place to comply with FGIS Program Directive 9180.81, "Quality Management Program: Requirements for Official Service Providers."

Evaluation of Applicants

FGIS evaluates each applicant for designation to determine whether the applicant meets the conditions and criteria contained in Sections 79(f)(1)(A) and (B) of the USGSA, and Section 800.199 of the regulations.

Some factors FGIS considers in determining which applicant is better able to provide service are past performance, quality and timeliness of service, commitment to excellence and customer service, cooperation with FGIS, willingness and ability to purchase and use new technology, stability and adequacy of resources, the cost of official services, comments received, and the accuracy and detail of applications.

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