Reporting Violations

Any person can report to AMS violations or suspected violations and abuses in the grain, livestock, meat, and poultry industries.

Reporting Violations of the P&S Act

As stated by Congress, the purpose of the Packers and Stockyards Act (P&S Act) is "to assure fair competition and fair trade practices, to safeguard farmers and protect consumers...and to protect members of the livestock, meat, and poultry industries from unfair, deceptive, unjustly discriminatory and monopolistic practices...."

Accordingly, AMS encourages farmers, ranchers and other producers, consumers, and members of the livestock, meat, and poultry industries to report incidents of a) slow, insufficient, or non-payment for livestock, meat, or poultry, b) potential antitrust practices, or c) unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent practices by entities subject to the P&S Act. See the P&S Act Fact Sheet (pdf) for a more complete description of the practices subject to AMS's enforcement.

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