LFS Executive Summary – Oregon

The Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs (ODE CNP) is a candidate for the USDA Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement Program.  If awarded, ODE will receive $2 million dollars that sponsors participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) can use for reimbursement of Oregon grown, raised and processed food, much like the ODE State Farm to School grant that is currently in operation.  This new grant opportunity will enable expansion to the ODE Farm to School grant, as well as offer opportunities for school districts to be reimbursed for certain foods that are non-reimbursable under the ODE Farm to School Grant.

ODE will open an opt-in period for NSLP Sponsors. Sponsors that opt-in will be awarded reimbursement funds using a preset formula based on NSLP meal participation of the previous year. This approach is the same that is used in the ODE Farm to School grant. ODE will use currently established systems to target specific underserved producers as a priority.