LFS Executive Summary – Oklahoma

Many protein and specialty crop producers in Oklahoma would like to help improve the nutritional value offered in the school cafeterias by providing their products to the schools on a regular basis. In addition, producers are interested in shortening the supply chain therefore easing the burden on their time while increasing their profit margin. Many schools in Oklahoma have expressed interest in both of these topics as well. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry will connect local producers of produce, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and nuts with schools wishing to add local food to their cafeteria menus through a newly established online portal. Schools will be able to submit an application to ODAFF outlining an intent to purchase from one of these producers or producers from their local area (within 400 miles). Once approved by ODAFF, the school can then purchase the food and submit an invoice for reimbursement. In order to target socially disadvantaged producers, ODAFF will engage partners at Langston University and Oklahoma State University with the resources to inform these producers of the opportunity while helping producers meet the minimum requirements of qualification. ODAFF will also engage partners at the Oklahoma State Department of Education to disseminate information about the opportunity to all eligible schools.