982 Hazelnuts

Crop Shipping Season: October through September
Fiscal Year: July 1 through June 30
Production Area(s): Oregon and Washington

Order Authority and Regulations

The marketing order authorizes quality regulations, research and promotion programs, and volume control for hazelnuts grown in Oregon and Washington.  The order went into effect on September 30, 1949 and was last amended under formal rulemaking on April 22, 1996.

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  • Quality Regulations:  The marketing order authorizes grade, size, maturity, and quality regulations based on Oregon Grade Standards for hazelnuts.  These requirements established for hazelnuts also apply to imported hazelnuts year-around due to 8e requirements.
    • 8e Requirements:  8e requirements specify that imported commodities must meet the same or comparable minimum grade, size, quality, and maturity requirements, as those specified under this marketing order. Learn about Importing Hazelnuts.
  • Research and Promotion:  The marketing order authorizes production research, marketing research and development programs, and marketing promotion, including paid advertising. Projects in these areas are currently active, except for production research.  Expenditures for certain kinds of advertising and promotion may be credited to a handler's promotion assessments.
  • Volume Control:  The marketing order authorizes establishment of volume regulations in the form of free and restricted percentages for in-shell hazelnuts sold in the continental United States.
Board Structure: The Hazelnut Marketing Board consists of 10 members, which includes 5 grower members, 4 handler members, and 1 public member. Each member has one alternate. Members and alternates serve 2-year terms of office that begin July 1. Producer and handler members are nominated by mail ballot. View a list of members & alternates.


Polly Owen, Manager, Hazelnut Marketing Board
29100 Town Center Loop W, Suite 200
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Phone: (503) 678-6823
FAX: (503) 678-6825
Website: www.oregonhazelnuts.org

USDA/AMS Contact

Director, Market Development Division
Specialty Crops Program, Agricultural Marketing Service
Phone: (202) 720-8085