Importing Hazelnuts (Filberts)

Any lot of hazelnuts (also known as filberts) that exceeds 115 lbs. is subject to Section 8e requirements and inspection.  The cost of the inspection and certification is paid by the applicant.  View the full regulation.

All hazelnuts imported into the United States must meet the following grade and size requirements prior to importation:

Grade and Size Requirements

Grade and size requirements for imported hazelnuts are identical to those for hazelnuts grown in Oregon and Washington.  View the full regulation.

Inshell Hazelnuts - All inshell hazelnuts must meet U.S. No. 1 or better and medium size except that the tolerance for insect injury shall be 2 percent.

Shelled Hazelnuts -All shelled hazelnuts or portions of hazelnut kernels must be well dried and clean; free from foreign material, mold, rancidity, decay or insect injury; and free from serious damage caused by serious shriveling, or other means.

Tolerances for shelled hazelnuts: In order to allow for variations incident to proper grading and handling the following tolerances, by weight, are permitted as specified:

Foreign Material: 0.02 of 1 percent is allowed.

Defects: Five percent for kernels or portions of kernels which are below the requirements of this grade, including not more than 2 percent for mold, rancidity, decay or insect injury, and no more than 1 percent is found for mold, rancidity, or insect injury.

Specific Exemptions

Any lot of hazelnuts that does not exceed 115 lbs. net weight is exempt from grade, size and inspection requirements.


Importers should arrange for inspection and certification at offices listed at least one day prior to entry at Port inspection offices, two days prior to entry at the Field Operations Section.