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A shipping bin is a special bin in which grain is held while its sample is being graded. If it makes grade, the grain is dumped out of the shipping bin onto a shipping belt which takes it to the ship. If it does not pass, the grain is dumped onto a return belt which takes it back to the elevator. A shipping bin's gates have automatic controls to prevent grain from being dumped before it is graded or from accidentally being dumped onto the wrong belt. FGIS tests these controls every year to make sure they are functioning properly.

The following links go to functional 3-dimensional models that demonstrate the operation of a shipping bin. Some of them function properly; others do not because their indicators or limit switches are wired improperly. The last two models are set up so you can test their operation yourself. Unlike a real shipping bin, the models have a transparent cover so you can see the grain and gates inside. They actually look like a plastic shipping bin model which is used by FGIS for training.

  1. Shipping Bin Model (Correctly Wired)
  2. Alternative Correct Indicator Wiring
  3. Another Type of Gate: Basket Valve
  4. Testing Limit Switch Wiring With Truth Tables
  5. An Example of Miswired Limit Switches
  6. Perform Your Own Wiring Check Exercise
  7. Second Exercise in Checking Limit Switches

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