Video and Self-Assessment Tool for Prospective Producers Transitioning to Organic

In this self-assessment video series, hear from real certified organic producers about why it was worth it to transition to organic operations. A series of videos—two in English and one in Spanish—include interviews with organic producers about their certification experiences, providing perspectives on the value of organic certification to prospective farmers. The video is accompanied by a web-based self-assessment tool that uses a series of interactive questions to help farmers evaluate their readiness to apply for organic certification. Users enter answers about their current practices and receive a “stoplight” report that scores answers in green, yellow, and red—indicating a user’s readiness to develop an organic system plan and where more work is needed. The tool helps users establish a baseline of readiness and determine specific actions that must be taken before pursuing certification.

Resource development: Created in partnership with California Certified Organic Farmers - CCOF


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