Organic Certification Made Simple

In this multi-part video series, farmers discuss their firsthand experiences with obtaining organic certification—and why they decided to pursue it. Small video segments show viewers how the USDA organic regulations translate to practices on the ground by following a direct market farmer on his journey through the organic certification process. The video also provides a step-by-step overview of organic production requirements and the process of organic certification—by farmers, for farmers.

The video is broken into “bite-size” segments that provide information from the perspectives of certified organic direct-market farmers as well as an accredited certifier. The videos highlight the real benefits of organic certification, demystify perceived barriers, and outline how farmers can overcome real-life challenges during the certification and renewal process. While the focus is primarily on the perspectives of direct-market farmers, any business pursuing certification may find valuable insights.

Resource development: Created in partnership with Florida Organic Growers – FOG

Bite by Bite

1. Why Get Certified Organic?

  1. Growers’ Perspectives
  2. What Does “Organic” Mean?
  3. What Does Organic Certification Cost?
  4. Consumers’ Perspectives

2.  Considerations Before Certification

  1. Why Consider Organic Certification?
  2. Three-year Transition
    1. New Land and Getting it Certified
    2. Transitioning to Organic
    3. Transitional Story: D&J Blueberry Farms: A Successful Transition to Organic
    4. Transitional Story: LNB Grove: The Continuing Transition of a Split Operation
  3. Communicating With Your Certifier to Avoid Mistakes
  4. Marketing Opportunities with Organic Certification

3.  The Roles of Certifiers and Consultants: How to Choose Them

4.  The Application

  1. What is an Organic Systems Plan?
  2. Organic Production: A Systems Approach
  3. Inputs
  4. Labeling
  5. Advice from the Field: Experiences with Organic Systems Plans

5. Examples of Types of Records

6. Inspection: Preparation and What to Expect

  1. Inspection: The Basics
  2. Non-compliances

7.  How to Renew Your Organic Certification

8. Split/Parallel Operations

  1. Split/Parallel Operations
  2. Island Grove Ag Products: a parallel conventional / organic operation

9. Accessing Certified Organic Grower Resources

  1. Grower Resources
  2. Using USDA NRCS Resources on a Certified Organic Farm

10. Siembra Farm: Our Path to Organic Certification


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