AMS 2016 Achievement Report

AMS: Local Success, Global Value

AMS is a uniquely innovative agency. Our services support the economic success of communities around the country and provide transparency and quality assurance to all who consume agricultural products. Our mission drives us to be responsive to industry needs and loyal to consumers’ desire for high-quality choices in the marketplace—whether that marketplace is local or global. This mission requires us to innovate along with our stakeholders. Our employees reflect this commitment with their creativity, dedication, and energy—and that makes AMS a wonderful place to work. 

We set our sights high, and this 2016 Annual Report reflects how much we have accomplished. From our grading, auditing, and certification programs, which handle over $150 billion worth of agricultural products each year, to the financial and technical resources we put to work to help farmers and ranchers access new markets, AMS is a vital partner for the businesses and communities we serve. I am very proud of the many ways AMS supports the economic engines that power communities.

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AMS 2016 Achievement Report
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