Maple Syrup Grades & Standards

  1. U.S. Grade A is the quality of maple syrup that:
    1. Not more than 68.9 percent solids content by weight (Brix);
    2. Has good uniform color;
    3. Has good flavor and odor, and intensity of flavor (maple taste) normally associated with the color class;
    4. Is free from off flavors and odors considered as damage;
    5. Is free from cloudiness, turbidity, sediment, and is clean;
    6. No deviants for damage shall be allowed in Grade A.
  2. Maple syrup for processing (Processing Grade) means any maple syrup that does not meet Grade A requirements, but meets the requirement of Processing Grade for use in the manufacturing of other products.  Maple syrup for processing must be packed in containers of 5 gallons or 20 liters or larger.  Processing Grade maple syrup cannot be packaged in consumer-size containers for retail sales (containers of less than 5 gallons).
    1. May be any color class and any light transmittance; and not more than 68.9 percent solids content by weight (Brix);
    2. May contain off flavors; and odors;
    3. May have a very strong taste. 
  3. Substandard is the quality of maple syrup that fails to meet the requirements of Processing Grade maple syrup.

Detailed standards, Inspection Instructions & Other Resources: