PDP Drinking Water Project (2001 - 2013)

In 2001, PDP initiated a finished drinking water monitoring survey in California and New York. In 2002, PDP expanded its water program to include additional geographic regions within the United States, including Colorado, Kansas, and Texas. In 2004, the program was retooled to sample paired raw and finished water. The survey ended in April 2013. Throughout the survey, samples were collected by water treatment facilities that draw from surface water sources in 29 States plus the District of Columbia.

In 2007, a potable groundwater survey was started to test wells at farms and private residences in agricultural areas. In 2009, the groundwater program was expanded to include onsite wells at public and private schools and daycare centers across the Nation. The survey ended in February 2013. Throughout the survey, samples were collected from 1,495 wells in 45 States plus the District of Columbia. 

In 2010, a survey was started to test samples collected from municipal water facilities that draw from groundwater sources. The survey ended in December 2012. Throughout the survey, water samples were collected from 16 facilities in 13 States. 

The samples were mailed to PDP laboratories for multiresidue pesticide analyses. Data collected were used to test assumptions and validate existing models used by EPA to incorporate finished drinking water into risk assessments and to make pesticide re-registration decisions.