International Trade Policies: Taiwan

The United States has an export trade relationship with Taiwan. This arrangement allows USDA organic products to be sold as organic in Taiwan.

Scope. The trade arrangement includes all USDA organic products produced in the United States or its territories. USDA organic products produced outside the United States are not included in this arrangement.
Documentation. When exported to Taiwan, USDA Organic products must be accompanied by an organic transaction certificate (TM-11). The TM-11 verifies that the product complies with the terms of the trade arrangement. Certifying agents must be approved by the USDA to issue TM-11 certificates. Regional accreditation managers can provide additional information.

Additionally, all products that are produced under the terms of the arrangement must be accompanied by documentation stating the following:

Processed products and crops: "Organic agricultural products and organic processed products, accompanied by this certificate, were produced or processed using zero prohibited substances."

Livestock and meat products: “Organic livestock products, accompanied by this certificate, were managed and produced without the use of systemic pain killers or analgesics, including the use of Lidocaine or Procaine.”

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