International Trade Policies: India

The United States has a recognition agreement with India. Recognition agreements allow a foreign government to accredit certifying agents in that country to the USDA organic standards. These foreign certifying agents are authorized to certify organic farms and processing facilities, ensuring that USDA organic products meet or exceed all USDA organic standards. These products can then be imported for sale in the United States.

Scope. This agreement covers all USDA organic products produced in India and certified by a Indian government-accredited certifying agent.
Production Requirements. All products traded under this agreement must be produced and certified in compliance with the USDA organic regulations.
Documentation - USDA Organic Products from India. All organic exports from India to the United States are to be accompanied by a transaction certificate issued by an Indian government-accredited certification agent via India’s TraceNet system.
Labeling. Products produced under the agreement must meet all USDA organic labeling requirements. USDA Organic Seal

Contact Information

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)
Contact: Mr. Diwakar Nath Mishra, Chairman
Phone: 00-91-11-26513162 |

Certifying Agents Through Recognition Agreement

APEDA maintains this List of Accredited Certification Bodies (pdf). To identify certifying agents approved under the U.S.-India recognition agreement, refer to the “Validity of Current Accreditation” and “Scope of Accreditation” columns. Certifying Agents approved under the recognition agreement must be accredited to both the India and USDA organic standards. The scope of accreditation shown will be listed as NPOP and USDA NOP, and their current accreditation must be valid.