Market Analytics

AAD provides market analytic expertise to provide actionable insight to decision-makers by leveraging extensive experience and knowledge of the agricultural sector and of agricultural business processes; analyzing vast amounts of market data to identify market trends and relationships as well as the long and short-term effects of non-routine market impacts; and compiling the results into a variety of easily understood formats that inform decision-making and increase market understanding and transparency.


Egg Markets Overview

Weekly overview of shell eggs and egg products production and marketing.

Lamb Markets Overview

Monthly overview of lamb and sheep production and marketing.

Supermarket Feature Advertising

Detailed coverage of U.S. supermarket feature activity of meat, poultry and eggs at key seasonal marketing events. All reports are in Adobe© portable document format (pdf).

Market Insights

These periodic reports provide a brief examination of marketing and production topics of interest

Special Reports

Periodic reports that provide an in-depth examination of marketing topics of interest.