Cargo Surveys

USDA-Contracted Cargo Surveys

In some instances, USDA contracts for marine cargo discharge and delivery surveys at foreign ports and inland destinations for bulk, breakbulk, and containerized shipments. This responsibility includes arranging cargo surveys for Food for Peace shipments, Government-to-Government shipments.

Currently in place are contracts which were awarded for marine cargo survey services in a number of different countries through September 30, 2016.

Form KC-334 - Preliminary/Final Discharge/Delivery Survey Summary (pdf) is completed and submitted by USDA-contracted surveyors in advance of and as part of their survey report(s). Form KC-337 - Rate Schedule (pdf) is completed and submitted by potential USDA-contracted surveyors as part of their contract proposal package. 


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Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO)-Contracted Cargo Surveys 

The majority of export cargo surveys are contracted by Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs). AMS provides oversight to PVOs with respect to handling export commodities while in the PVO's care and custody.

Following is a list of forms for PVOs regarding survey fees.

Please submit survey fees for reimbursement to:

Mailing Address:

Operations Support Division
Marine Debt Resolution Team
1400 Independence Ave. SW S-0239
Washington, D.C. 20250-0239

Please include the following with the submission:

  • Survey report
  • Invoice requesting payment
  • Assignment of claims rights