Electronic Trade Document Exchange (eTDE) System Information

In March 2014, sanitary export certificates for China became available through eTDE. The eTDE System makes trade documents, including official certificates, available online to foreign customs and port health officials. AMS hosts eTDE in a secure environment, and all users must undergo registration through USDA's secure eAuthentication process. For the time being, the Dairy Grading Branch will continue to issue paper health certificates, but our long term goal is to move entirely towards electronic certification, thereby eliminating the need to courier health certificates overseas.

If you have not yet registered for eTDE, please do it now. U.S. exporters must obtain Level 2 security level in order to access eTDE documents. Please note that the registration process includes many steps, one of which is to physically go to the closest USDA service center with a government-issued ID to prove your identity. Please allow enough time to complete these steps well before USDA transitions completely to eTDE.

eDocs allows dairy exporters, shippers, carriers and others to request export certificates through eTDE. eDOCS creates an electronic certificate and sends it to eTDE to be viewed by domestic users and port authorities from trading markets (i.e. EU countries and China). eDocs has many user-friendly features, including allowing exporters to create customer templates and copy over data from old certificates, thereby eliminating the need to retype information with each new certificate request. All exporters must be registered with eTDE in order to apply for the EU dairy health certificate, dairy transit certificate, composite health certificate and composite transit certificate.

For additional information or help with registration, please contact the eTDE system administrator at etdeadmin@usda.gov. For questions on the AMS use of the eTDE system, please contact Michael Eichorst, Administrative Officer, Dairy Grading Branch at 630-437-5045 or DairyNFO@ams.usda.gov