FGISonline is a portfolio of online business applications that brings official inspection and weighing to the desktop. These online business services improve internal business operations and better serve customers of the official grain inspection and weighing service.


FGIS and official service providers electronically enter inspection and weighing results, and produce electronic or paper official inspection and weighing certificates. This program feeds data into our Inspection Data Warehouse.

Delegation/Designation and Export Registration

State and private entities can use this program to apply online to become official service providers. Grain firms can log on to register online with FGIS as grain exporters.

Equipment Capability Testing

Service providers record information on equipment used for the testing of grain quality, and its location, for the purposes of notifying, submitting, and capturing test results conducted to validate the equipment's capability to accurately test grain quality.

Inspection Data Warehouse

Our customers can see individual service records, or arrange for daily data transmissions of inspection and weighing records. The database contains the inspection and weighing records for services officially performed under the United States Grain Standards Act and the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946.

Customer Information Management

Use this program to set up your account and manage your information in any of a number of FGISonline programs. Using this program, you can request a customer number; access service results; set up access for your company's primary and secondary users; search for and download or view specific records; and request access to a customer's information. In addition, FGIS customers - the individuals and companies that receive official inspection and weighing services - can use this application to manage access to the national Inspection Data Warehouse. Official service providers can apply for designations or update agency information.


This is an online program bringing to the web study materials, examinations, and score sheets for official agency personnel to use for administering licensing exams for samplers and technicians who perform official functions under the Agricultural Marketing Act (AMA) and/or United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA).

Inspection, Testing, and Weighing

FGIS will use this application to capture all testing and weighing results for grain, rice, pulses, graded commodities, and processed commodities, single and aggregate lot inspection (combined, warehouse, local, composite, round, and cu-sum) for all carrier types including: railcars, containers, trucks, ships, and barges.

Quality Assurance and Control

This program allows FGIS personnel and Official Service Provider users to enter data, access results, and track inspector performance and ability, with immediate statistical information to measure the performance of the official grain inspection system. 

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