AMS Dynamic Information Visualization Page

This webpage houses all AMS dynamic information visualization tools in one place. Data visualization tools improve delivery of information by providing it in an accessible, interactive, and easy-to-understand format. Large amounts of information are displayed in graphical form allowing users to easily spot trends or market changes while also giving users the ability to modify information shown using filters. Below are links to these tools. For suggestions or questions please contact

  • Beef, Lamb, and Veal Quality Grades and Volumes

    Quality grades and volumes of movement of livestock, veal, and lamb from 2010-present.

  • Livestock Auction Information

    Auction transaction prices and volumes of movement pertaining to cattle, sheep, and goats.

  • Cattle Contracts Library

    Contract information pertaining to the purchase of cattle

  • Quality Assessment Division Plant Book

    Location of facilities for which the Quality Assessment Division provides grading and certification services for meat, poultry, and shell eggs and contact information by state.

  • Shell Egg Export Restrictions

    Current list of active trade restrictions on US Shell Egg Exports based on avian disease events.

  • AG Transport Open Data Platform

    Platform containing numerous agricultural transportation datasets and interactive tools covering rail, truck, barge, ocean vessel, and containers.

  • National Farm and Food Workers Relief (FFWR) Grant Program

    FFWR Program Coverage and Contact information

  • Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP) activities

    Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP) activities information

  • Warehouses and Commodity Management Dashboard

    Information about warehouses that are licensed under the United States Warehouse Act and/or have an active Commodity Credit Corporation storage agreement.