Tomatoes Grown in Florida: Redistricting and Reapportionment of Producer Districts

Docket Number: AMS-SC-19-0011
Effective Date: October 28, 2019


This rule implements a recommendation from the Florida Tomato Committee (Committee) to redistrict and reapportion producer representation on the Committee currently prescribed under the marketing order for tomatoes grown in Florida. This action will reduce the number of districts from four to two and reapportion producer membership on the Committee to provide equitable representation from both districts.


Steven W. Kauffman, Marketing Specialist, or Christian D. Nissen, Regional Director, Southeast Marketing Field Office, Marketing Order and Agreement Division, Specialty Crops Program, AMS, USDA; Telephone: (863) 324-3375, Fax: (863) 291-8614, or Email: 

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