Termination of Marketing Order: Washington Apricots

Docket Number: AMS-SC-21-0061
Effective Date: July 27, 2023


This final rule terminates Federal Marketing Order No. 922 (the Order) regulating the handling of apricots grown in designated counties in Washington, and the rules and regulations issued thereunder. This final rule also removes the Order from the Code of Federal Regulations. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has determined the Order is no longer necessary to maintain orderly marketing conditions.


Joshua R. Wilde, Marketing Specialist, or Gary Olson, Chief, Western Region Branch, Market Development Division, Specialty Crops Program, AMS, USDA; Telephone: (503) 326–2724 or Email: Joshua.R.Wilde@usda.gov or GaryD.Olson@usda.gov.

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