Termination of Marketing Order: Washington Potatoes

Termination of Marketing Order for Irish Potatoes Grown in Washington State 

Docket Number:  AMS-SC-20-0095
Effective Date:  March 2, 2022


The final rule terminates the Marketing Order No. 946, which regulated the handling of potatoes grown in Washington State.  The marketing order had been suspended since 2014 at the industry’s recommendation.  In addition to no longer requiring mandatory minimum quality standards for potatoes grown in Washington State, termination of the marketing order eliminated the requirement of handlers to pay assessments and submit information to the State of Washington Potato Committee. 

Upon termination, the Committee agreed to contribute the remaining budget to the Washington State Potato Commission.  Agriculture Marketing Service is coordinating with Committee staff to secure outstanding marketing order records.

Pushpa Kathir, Marketing Specialist, or Matthew Pavone, Rulemaking Services Branch Chief;
Market Development Division, Specialty Crops Program, AMS, USDA;
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Stop 0237, Washington, DC 20250-0237;
Telephone: (202) 720-2491 or Email: Pushpa.Kathir@usda.gov or Matthew.Pavone@usda.gov

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