987 California Dates

Varieties regulated: Deglet Noor, Zahidi, Halawy and Khadrawy
Crop Shipping Season: October 1 through September 30
Fiscal Year: October 1 through September 30
Production Area(s): Riverside County, California

Order Authority and Regulations

The marketing order authorizes quality regulations; research and promotion programs; markings, pack, and container regulations; and volume control for dates grown in Riverside County, California.  The order became effective in 1955 and was last amended under formal rulemaking February 1, 1978. View the full regulation.

  • Quality Regulations:  The marketing order authorizes grade, size, maturity, and quality regulations to maintain date quality shipped to consumers.  These requirements established for dates also apply to imported dates year-around due to 8e requirements.
    • 8e Requirements: 8e requirements specify that imported commodities must meet the same or comparable minimum grade, size, quality, and maturity requirements, as those specified under this marketing order. Learn about Importing Dates.
  • Research and Promotion:  The marketing order authorizes production research, marketing promotion and development, to include paid advertising. Projects in these areas are currently active, but paid advertising is not being used.
  • Markings, pack, and container regulations:  The marketing order authorizes regulations on the containers used to ship different varieties of dates to market.
  • Volume Control:  The marketing order has authority to establish volume regulations, but has not utilized that authority since 1972.

Committee Structure

The California Date Administrative Committee consists of nine members and alternates; three of the members are producers and the remaining six are producer-handlers. The three members representing producers cannot be handlers. The producer-handlers may be selected from handlers or producers. Each member has one alternate. Members and alternates serve 3-year terms of office that begin August 1. Producer and producer-handler members are nominated at polling places or by mail ballots. View a list of members & alternates


Kristy Kneiding, Manager; California Date Administrative Committee
P.O. Box 1736
Indio, California 92202-1736
Phone: (760) 347-4510
FAX: (760) 200-9101
Website: www.datesaregreat.com

USDA/AMS Contact

Director, Market Development Division
Specialty Crops Program, Agricultural Marketing Service
Phone: (202) 720-8085