929 Cranberries

Marketing Order Terminated

The cranberry industry voted during a referendum to terminate the marketing order.  View USDA’s Notice to Trade announcing the results and next steps.

The marketing order provides the U.S. cranberry industry with authority to establish volume control and routine reporting and recordkeeping requirements, as well as conduct research and promotion activities. The marketing order requires USDA conduct a vote every four years among domestic cranberry producers to determine ongoing support for the program. 

USDA conducted a continuance referendum in June 2023, which did not gain the necessary support from producers favoring continuance of the marketing order. In October 2023, USDA administratively suspended the Cranberry Marketing Committee’s authority to collect assessments and reports from handlers for the 2023-2024 crop year and issued a proposed rule on December 7, 2023, seeking comments from interested parties on a proposed termination of the program.

Based on voting results and the substance of comments received, USDA is determining whether to terminate the marketing order and the Cranberry Marketing Committee’s operations.

USDA/AMS Contact

Director, Market Development Division
Specialty Crops Program, Agricultural Marketing Service
Phone: (202) 720-8085