927 Oregon & Washington Pears

Crop Shipping Season: July through June
Fiscal Year: July 1 through June 30
Production Area(s): Oregon and Washington

Order Authority and Regulations

The marketing order authorizes quality regulations and research and promotion programs for pears of any and all varieties or sub-varieties with the genus Pyrus produced in the States of Oregon and Washington.  The order went into effect in 1939 and was last amended under formal rulemaking on May 21, 2005.  View the full regulation.

  • Quality Regulations:  The marketing order authorizes grade, size, and quality regulations to maintain pear quality shipped to consumers.
  • Research and Promotion:  The marketing order authorizes production and post-harvest research, marketing research, market development, and promotion activities, including paid advertising. These programs are currently active.

Committee Structure: There are two committees under this marketing order. Members and alternates that serve on either the Fresh Pear or Processed Pear Committees serve two-year, staggered terms of office. About one-half the membership for both committees is elected each year.

  • The Fresh Pear Committee is comprised of 13 members, which includes: 6 grower members, 6 handler members, and 1 public member. Each member has a first and second alternate. Each district is represented by one grower member and one handler member, except for the Mid-Columbia and Wenatchee Districts, which are represented by two grower members and two handler members. View a list of members & alternates (pdf).
  • The Processed Pear Committee is comprised of 10 members, which includes: 3 grower members, 3 handler members, 3 processors, and 1 public member. Each member has an alternate. District 1, the State of Washington, is represented by 2 grower members and 2 handler members. District 2, the State of Oregon, is represented by 1 grower member and  1 handler member. The 3 processor members are from District 1, District 2, or from both districts. View a list of members & alternates (pdf)


Kevin Moffitt, Manager, Fresh Pear Committee
4382 S.E. International Way, Suite A
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222
Phone: 503-652-9720
Email: kmoffitt@usapears.com
Website: www.usapears.com

B.J. Thurlby, Manager, Processed Pear Committee
105 S. 18th Street, #205
Yakima, Washington 98901
Phone: (509) 453-4837
Fax: (509) 453-4880
Email: bj@wastatefruit.com
Website: www.eatcannedpears.com

USDA/AMS Contact

Director, Market Development Division
Specialty Crops Program, Agricultural Marketing Service
Phone: (202) 720-8085