Mango Promotion, Research and Information Order: Removal of Frozen Mangos:

Docket Number: AMS-SC-20-0086
Effective date: February 25, 2021. Assessment collection on frozen mangos will discontinue on the effective date of this rule.
Comments due: Comments which are received by April 26, 2021 will be considered prior to issuance of any final rule.


This rule amends the Mango Promotion, Research and Information Order (Order) by removing the provisions of frozen mangos as a covered commodity. The Order is administered by the National Mango Board (Board) with oversight by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In a referendum, first handlers and importers voted to remove frozen mangos as a covered commodity under the Order. This rule will remove frozen mangos as a covered commodity, discontinue the collection of assessments on frozen mangos, remove frozen mango entity representation on the Board, and make necessary conforming changes.

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