Fees for Supervision of Official Inspection and Weighing Services Performed by Delegated States and Designated Agencies, Miscellaneous Fees for Other Services, and Removal of Specific Fee References

Docket Number: AMS–FGIS–20–0001
Effective Date: October 4, 2021
Eligibility Date: October 1, 2021


This final rule revises regulations under authority of the United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA) by implementing a standardized formula model for calculating Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) supervision fees. The revision enables FGIS to adjust supervision fees annually in order to maintain an appropriate operating reserve as required by the USGSA. As with other Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) fee-based programs, AMS will publish annual FGIS fee updates in the Federal Register and post updated fee schedules on its website. The revision also eliminates or revises certain registration and duplication fees charged by FGIS.


Denise Ruggles, FGIS Executive Program Analyst, AMS, USDA; Telephone: (816) 702-3897; Email: Denise.M.Ruggles@usda.gov.

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